Anaheim's Farmer's Market and Craft Fair
The Farmer's Market and Craft fair is held every Thursday, from 9:30am - 1:30pm, in downtown Anaheim. You'll find fresh fruit, vegetables, breads and other wonderful foods, plus unique Crafts. Farm products include ripe tomatoes, fresh honey, bakery goods, peaches, pecans, oranges, herbs, flowers, candy apples, beef jerky, pistachio nuts, apples, grapes, melons, house plants, eggplant, kettle popcorn, and more. You'll find crafts such as hand carved wood crafts, dolls, ceramics, Peruvian and Guatemalan crafts, stained glass, hand painted saws, potpourri, baby clothes, wreaths specialty fashions, sarongs, and more! Anaheim Farmers Market is sponsored by the Downtown Anaheim Association.

Sports in Anaheim include baseball, swimming, martial arts, golf, football, hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, soccer and much more!

Do you live on some Anaheim and worry that your kids might not be as interested in science as they should be? It's no wonder, with the boring way in which schools today teach kids about science. It's hard for a kid of any age to picture the way physics works on cord grips when they just sit and read about it in the classroom. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to make science real to kids of all ages?

Well, in this county, we have access to a facility which does just that. The Discovery Science Center is one of the most visible landmarks to be found in the city. It has been built specifically to put a practical face to the scientific learning that children get in the classroom, from kindergarten all the way up through high school. No more hoping for a field trip to a local plant to see how force keeps industrial valves in place. Instead, you can go right downtown and have force exemplified through the exhibits at Discovery Stadium.

All branches of science, from biology to physics, are put to work at the Discovery Science Center. Kids with a fascination for the planet will love the Dynamic Earth area, as well as the Quake Zone. Both areas explore exactly how our world works, through natural and biological processes. They will gain a better understanding of that demonstration they saw which proclaimed a lack of fear even in an earthquake zone, thanks to the simple way in which plate tectonics are discussed in the exhibits and by the staff.

At the Digital Lab, kids can find out various ways in which chemicals combine to create many different types of reactions. See how helium and oxygen work to drive the hydraulics of a packaging machine or how gas pressure causes the eruption of a volcano. The best parts are the loud and exaggerated reactions which can only be safely reproduced in such a contained environment!

The staff of the Discovery Science Center knows that even these interactive displays might still be on the boring side for some kids, and that has led to the opening of one of the center's most unique exhibits, the Science of Hockey. If your kids love the ducks, they will love to see how their favorite players apply science to their play every single game. From the sheaf of the stick to the angle of the puck, science is behind every great hockey player!

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