After Anaheim was founded in 1857, it developed into an industrial center, producing electronics, aircraft parts, and canned fruit. Now, Anaheim's largest and most important industry is tourism. Anaheim's Convention Center is home to many national conferences, and the Walt Disney Company is by far the city's largest employer. There are also many hotels in the area (especially in the city's Resort district) for tourists, and people going to the conventions, etc.

Manufacturers of various products can also be found in the area. Also along with the proximity to the ocean there is a large sailing and yachting community in the area and manufacturers of boats and related products try to keep up with the demand.

Considering the beauty of the area, the real estate industry in always an option for a career seeker. With the current trends in the real estate market right now there are many homes available including recent foreclosures and people are still looking to buy. Some visitors have found themselves hopeful of a near future move to the area after spending some quality vacation time here. This involves them putting their current home on the market and beginning their search for their perfect Anaheim real estate.

For many, Anaheim might seem just like a city-sized playground. With attractions like Disneyland right inside the city and Knott's Berry Farms just one town over it's no wonder that tourism is Anaheim's number one industry. But it is certainly not the only one present in the city. People working in Anaheim can do everything from working with bite type fittings on a factory floor to planning major events at the local Convention Center. Here is a short overview of the industries that you will find in this Californian city.

As was previously mentioned, tourism is by far the largest industry in the city. It generates over seven billion dollars annually and has created a huge inter-dependency with other businesses in the area. The Anaheim Convention Center is 1.6 million square feet and has facilities for everything from a trade show to a conference on environmental concerns for example. The resort district allows for many career options in hospitality, construction, customer service, and business services.

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There are more than fifteen thousand businesses currently operating in the Anaheim area. In terms of manufacturing, the main firms make everything from electrical components to home decor and supplies. Some recognizable companies with operations in the area include AT&T, General Dynamics, and the Kaiser Foundation. The North American headquarters for the Puerto Rican bank Banco Popular is also within the city of Anaheim.

The three top employers in the city of Anaheim are Disneyland, the County of Orange, and CKE Restaurants, Inc, which is the parent company of chain restaurants like Red Burrito, Green Burrito and Carl's Jr. The Federal and State governments and Boeing Aerospace also all employ over 10,000 people in Orange County. If you're handy you may be able to live a dream of working with aerospace technology in Anaheim.

There are approximately 1.5 million people working in the Anaheim/Irvine/Santa Ana area. When accounting for these other two communities, the largest industry is business services followed by trade, transportation and utilities. So, if you're living in the Anaheim area or thinking of moving into Orange County, there are hundreds of career options to choose from. You could use your experience in to help expand the city or start anew in the Happiest Place on Earth. Anaheim is full of possibilities for all that wish to make their life in Southern California. Check out some fun things to do in Anaheim!

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