The city of Anaheim has a plethora of eating establishments. There is great variance in the available choices of cuisines in both ethnic and domestic categories. With fine Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Seafood, Mexican, and good old fashioned steak houses, you are always well fed in Anaheim, California. Anaheim Restaurants

Careers With Food

If you can guess which city has an over abundance of employment opportunities in the food industry, and opportunities for both home owners as well as temporary workers, then you have it made. The city is Anaheim, California's 10th largest city with a population of about 346,823. This sunny Orange County city is about 40 miles away from Los Angeles and is also close to Santa Ana. In addition, Anaheim is also very close in proximity to the well known University of Southern California and the city itself has a number of colleges and technical training institutes. Because of being a major hub for tourism and entertainment, Anaheim offers a magnitude of opportunities for persons wishing to work in the food and beverage public relations industry.

Anaheim started off as a wine-making center but graduated to fruit canning and aircraft industries. That was then and this is now and thanks to Walt Disney, Anaheim has entered a new era of tourism and entertainment. The Walt Disney Company is the largest employer in Anaheim and the many hotels, theme parks and other tourist attractions make it possible for Anaheim to become one of the top tourist destinations in America. Today, Anaheim's economy is almost totally dependent on tourism and conventions.

Anaheim could easily be described as a city that never sleeps simply because of something going on all the time. When Walt Disney established the Disneyland Theme Park in 1954, he had no idea what he was about to change for Anaheim. Despite this city's hub of activity, it possesses one of the lowest crime rates for a city of its size in America. Quite a feat. Anaheim is a very diverse city and shows this attraction through being able to comfortably play home to the Anaheim Ducks, an NHL hockey team, and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, a major league baseball team. Anaheim has much more than this to offer and for a person visiting Anaheim seeking food similar to home, they can be sure that Anaheim has food that is as delicious and maybe even better than that. Our website sponsor is Housemaster Boca Raton. Be sure to call to set up an inspection today.

Caterers in Anaheim are constantly being kept busy by the continual influx of tourists to the city and in addition, hotels and other tourist venues are constantly demanding the services of Anaheim caterers.

All kinds of people make Anaheim their home; from the sports personality to the actor and from the famous business tycoon to the temporary worker seeking a better life and to meet the needs of temporary workers Anaheim has set up a temporary foreign worker program. Anaheim is a city of tremendous opportunities just waiting to be harvested.

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